Our mission

We are here to help you make better fashion choices. Why?

Fashion is said to be the second most polluting industry in the world, right after oil. In today’s clothing industry new trends travel from catwalk to closet at an extreme pace. Clothes are worn only a few times, as new trends emerge quickly. To ensure low prices, fashion brands have to produce their clothes under poor circumstances in low wage countries.

Their practices harm not only people, but also the environment. We call this fast fashion. And we are tired of it.

Thankfully, there is a growing movement that wants to change this. Brands focused on sustainability and fair labour are popping up everywhere, and big chains are slowly being pressured into changing their practices. On top of that, more and more consumers are waking up to the consequences of fast fashion too.

But while awareness is great, taking action still proves difficult. The right brands and information can be difficult to find, people believe that most conscious brands are boring or pricy, and changing habits is very hard.

Sounds familiar? This is where Go Frank come in. We want to help, guide and coach you, towards a clean wardrobe. Through this website and a monthly newsletter we introduce the right brands, tell about the things you should know, and most importantly, inspire and motivate you. Go Frank!

Join us, Go Frank!

Going Frank is not easy, so we are here to help. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and let us guide you towards better choices. Let’s do this together!

About us

We are Jonne Bosselaar and Andrea Vendrik from Amsterdam. We strongly believe in the importance of fair labour and sustainable production in the fashion industry, and felt a clear overview of both fair fashion brands and shops was lacking on the internet. And so we got to work.

Jonne Bosselaar (left) is an expert in fair fashion. In Bangalore she worked for a research group focusing on labour issues in the Indian garment industry as well as she conducted her own independent research for which she spoke with garment workers, union members and factory owners. Plus, fair fashion is only thing in her closet.

Andrea Vendrik (right) is a graphic designer. She likes to organise complex information in user-friendly, visually pleasant designs, and likes it even more to do so for just causes. Before the start of the project, she resolved to start buying fair fashion only. She found there was a lack of well-designed information out there to help. This motivated her to start Go Frank.

Questions you might have

Question: What is Go Frank?
Answer: Go Frank is a website showcasing fashion brands that contribute to a better world. Brands with a good story and a just cause. Brands that are open about their productive methods. We are not a shop, we simply offer an overview. 

Question: What is so bad about the fashion industry anyway?
Answer: The fashion industry – and especially the fast fashion industry – has a devastating effect on both people and our earth. To start with, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Chemicals, enormous water use (a conventional jeans costs for example 7000 liters of water!), electricity and transport are just a few components of the pollution. Secondly, fashion often goes hand in hand with precarious working conditions for those who make it. Long hours, small wages, unpaid overtime, no freedom of association and unsafe working environments are often part of the deal. To change this, we need brands and consumers to decide to do it differently. For more information about this, we refer you to the Clean Clothes Campaign.

Question: What is the selection of brands based on?
Answer: The brands featured on Go Frank are committed to one or more of the following:

  1. Working with eco-friendly production methods – for example by reducing use of water for a jeans by 78%.
  2. Working with eco-friendly and/or animal-friendly materials – for example lyocell.
  3. Improved labor conditions and wages – for example by only producing in a self-owned factory.
  4. Are locally produced – for example within the EU with strict labour laws.

Question: When does a label qualify for ‘green production’?
Answer: Green production means making use of either sustainable fabrics or sustainable production methods, such as recycling. To qualify for ‘green production’, a brand must have and show the full intention to minimize its environmental footprint. The majority of the production has to be green and – of course – they have to be transparent about it.

Question: When does a label qualify as having ‘fair labour’?
Answer: Most of the production of our clothes takes place in factories with unsafe and unfair working conditions. This is why fashion labels that focus on bringing good working conditions to these factories are so important. On Go Frank, brands are qualified with ‘fair labour’ when they show complete dedication to good working conditions by either opening up their own factory based on fair labour practices (e.g. following ILO principles), working together with third parties like the Fair Wear Foundation or demonstrating in another way that their workers are well taken care off.

Question: So, all brands that aren’t featured on Go Frank are a bad choice?
Answer: By all means, no! As we speak, we are reaching out to more brands. Gathering all necessary information is simply a very time consuming business. Please bear with us as we are growing our database further and check back regularly! That said, we will probably never be able to offer a full-scale overview.

Question: So, when I buy a shirt from a brand on Go Frank, is it completely sustainable and fair?
Answer: Unfortunately, the fashion industry is very complicated and no brand is able to produce clothing in a 100% sustainable way. Hence, also not a single brand on Go Frank is a completely perfect. There is an awful lot to producing a single piece of clothing. Getting each small step of the way in check is therefore highly challenging. However, the brands on Go Frank strive for the best. And we can guarantee that they are the better choice compared to fast fashion chains.

Question: What about certification labels on your website?
Answer: We believe that certification labels are a good thing, but with 15 labels in use in the Netherlands alone they form a confusing system. Qualification comes with a price too, excluding small brands who can’t afford these extra costs. Plus, some brands are organising their production chain in such a different way that they simply don’t fit the set guidelines. Therefore, we chose to shortly highlight each unique brand story and only mention certifications to explain exactly what makes them sustainable and/or fair.

Question: Do you earn money with this website?
Answer: To be frank, no – we earn nothing with this website.

Question: Aren’t you supposed to have some sort of privacy statement?
Answer: We sure do! Feel free to read below. In short: we use Google Analytics to get some details on what people do on Go Frank, how many of you there are, et cetera. Your IP address stays anonymous. If you sign up for our newsletter, we will keep your personal data private. We will use your email address to send you newsletters and Go Frank updates only.

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